A vital network

We empower more than 500 food pantries and meal programs across 50 counties.

Without them — the pantries, soup kitchens, and other partners who directly serve their neighbors each week — we couldn't hope to achieve our goal.

How we can help

We offer agencies several programs to provide food for their neighbors. Our purchased program allows agencies to acquire items at a cost that helps extend their pantry budgets. Donated items are distributed at no charge. 

Each warehouse has a variety of fresh produce, bread, and other items available for pick up every day at no cost, with no need to place orders ahead of time. If an agency is part of our retail pick-up program, they have access to a variety of food items that would otherwise be wasted, all at no charge. 

We also offer access to the Oasis Insight client information software system that allows agencies to store information on who they serve without needing paper signatures or to manage paperwork.

How to become a partner

To partner with us, your organization must be a 501c3 nonprofit agency or one with a religious purpose. You must have a dedicated space for food storage that is inspected and approved by God's Pantry Food Bank.

We add new agency partners each quarter of the calendar year. If you're interested in joining us as an agency, start by filling out the application, Agency Agreement, and Food Receipt Form, along with providing a copy of your 501c3 to begin the process of becoming part of the GPFB network.