See the allocations for your agencies below:

TEFAP Dry Lentil Beans, TEFAP FRZN Blueberries, TEFAP Peach Cups, TEFAP Dry Yellow Split Peas, TEFAP Dry Garbanzo Beans, TEFAP Walnuts, TEFAP Applesauce Cups, TEFAP Raisins, and TEAFAP Chick Peas– Please see limits in Agency Express. Allocations for these items are suspended until stock is depleted.

CCC Frozen Apple Slices June 13.pdf

TEFAP Canned Pinto Beans June 13.pdf

CCC Cheddar Cheese Blocks - June 13th

CCC Canned Diced Tomatoes - June 12th

TEFAP Dry Pinto Beans - June 12th

CCC Canned Salmon - June 11th

TEFAP Grape Juice - June 11th

CCC Pork Taco Filling - June 11th

TEFAP Canned Green Beans - June 7th

TEFAP Canned Peaches - June 7th

TEFAP Peeled Shrimp - June 7th

CCC FRZN Boneless Pork Chops - June 5th

TEFAP Applesauce - June 5th

TEFAP Pistachios Roasted In Shell - May 28th

TEFAP Dark Red Kidney Beans - May 28th

CCC Canned Peas - May 28th

CCC Long Grain Rice - May 23rd

CCC Frozen Fish Sticks - May 23rd

CCC Boneless Chicken Breasts - May 21st

TEFAP Sweet Peas - May 17th

TEFAP Apricot Halves – May 17th

CCC Mixed Vegetables - May 15th

TEFAP Macaroni and Cheese - May 15th

CCC Medium Grain Rice - May 15th

TEFAP Cranapple Juice - May 13th

TEFAP Dry Navy Beans - May 13th

CCC Cheddar Cheese Chunks – May 13th

TEFAP Hams – May 10

TEFAP Grape Juice – May 10

CCC Canned Meatless Spaghetti Sauce – May 9th

TEFAP Dry Pinto Beans – May 7th

TEFAP Dried Sweet Cherries – May 3rd

TEFAP Canned Pinto Beans – April 30th

CCC Canned Diced Tomatoes – April 29

CCC FRZN Pulled Pork – April 25th

CCC Canned Green Beans – April 24th

CCC Alaskan Pollock Fish Fillets – April 24th

TEFAP FRZN Shrimp – April 19th

TEFAP Light Red Kidney Beans – April 16th

CCC Medium Grain Rice – April 15th

TEFAP Apple Juice – April 15th

TEFAP Dry Pinto Beans – April 12th

TEFAP Canned Corn – April 11th

TEFAP Great Northern Beans – April 11th

CCC Boneless Pork Chops – April 8th

CCC Hazelnuts – 2nd allocation – April 4th

TEFAP Applesauce – April 3rd

TEFAP Whole Chickens FRZN – April 3rd

TEFAP Canned Pears – April 3rd

CCC Boneless Chicken Breasts FRZN – April 3rd

CCC Hazelnuts – April 1st


Please note – no drop deliveries on the 5th week of the month

April 2024 Drop Schedule

May 2024 Drop Schedule

June 2024 Drop Schedule

God’s Pantry Food Bank currently makes bi-monthly deliveries to 15 locations in our service area. Because our service area is so vast and some agency locations are remote, agencies are able to pick up their orders at sites closer to their distribution site. This free service keeps costs down for the agencies and gets more food in the hands of hungry Kentuckians. When placing an order, agencies can request their order at any of the drop locations listed below.

Pay close attention to pick-up times listed on the schedules linked above. It is very important that you pick up your order between the hours indicated for each location as our drivers are on tight schedules. Failure to pick up product could result in suspension from the drop delivery program.

  • Berea – Berea Baptist Church parking lot, 310 Chestnut Street, Berea
  • Cumberland – Shepherd’s Pantry parking area, 111 Union Hall Road, Clutts
  • Boyle County – Community Friends Outreach Center, Junction City
  • Frankfort – Emergency Food Pantry Franklin County warehouse, 102 Lakeview Court; St. Vincent de Paul, 315 Wallace Avenue
  • Garrard County – 146 Pleasant Retreat Plaza, Lancaster
  • Harlan-Evarts – Verda First Baptist Church, 363 Highway 1601, Evarts
  • Hazard – New Hope Church Parking lot, 407 Gorman Hollow Road, Hazard
  • Jackson – Helping Hands Food Pantry, 1772 Highway 30 West, Jackson First Church of God
  • Lincoln County – Grace Fellowship Church, 2294 US Highway 27 South, Stanford
  • Mercer County – Immanuel Baptist Church parking lot, 1280 Faulkner Land, Danville
  • Pineville- Old Sonic Drive-In/Big Blue Auto Sales Location on HWY25E near HWY 190 turnoff
  • Ravenna- Estill County Food Pantry Lot, 514 Main Street, Ravenna
  • Somerset- God’s Food Pantry, 119 S. Central Avenue, Somerset
  • Whitley City-McCreary Christian Center, South Fork Plaza, Whitley City
Policies Policies

Agencies may not sell, barter or trade Food Bank products. Product must be used to serve the “ill, needy and/or infants.”

Credit Policy: Requests for credit must be made in writing, with as many pertinent facts (date, item, case amount, invoice number) as possible. Email is the preferred form of submission, but we will accept any legible format. For drop deliveries, you must notify us of any shipping discrepancies within two business days. For pickups at our Lexington, London, and Prestonsburg warehouses, the load must be checked before you sign the invoice.

  • All credit requests will be investigated before being refunded. You will be notified of the decision.

Cold Chain Transportation Policy

Probation and Suspension Policy


To effectively meet the Emergency Feeding Assistance Program civil rights requirements, Kentucky Department of Agriculture and its site partners and volunteers must receive Civil Rights Training. Each person that receives the annual training must sign a training verification form to be kept on file at each agency. Agencies will be inspected for compliance with this requirement during the annual agency monitor visit.