We recognize food as a basic human need. Through our network of partners, we ensure that everyone in our communities has access to nutritious food. Our mission is to reduce hunger by working together to feed Kentucky communities. Our core values — advocate, support, collaborate, and act — drive everything we do. We advocate for change, support those in need, collaborate with our community, and take proactive steps to address hunger.

Follow the food


We Acquire food through local, regional, and national sources
  • Food manufacturers
  • Growers and growing networks
  • Grocery retailers
  • United States Department of Agriculture
  • Food drives
  • Food purchases


we receive funds directly from the community
  • Individual donations
  • Grants
  • Contributions from organizations and companies


those funds pay for
  • Transporting food to our warehouse
  • Storing food in our warehouse
  • Our fleet of trucks and drivers
  • Packaging fresh produce
  • Purchasing food
  • Additional administrative costs


we distribute food to people struggling with food insecurity through our partner agencies
  • Food pantries
  • Soup kitchens
  • Homeless shelters
  • Schools and youth programs

We show up positive and ready to take on any challenge. As persistent problem solvers, we have the resources to push forward and find answers.

We continuously seek solutions to address hunger through proactive problem-solving and resourcefulness in our daily operations and community engagement efforts.

We see the joy, we see the hope, and we see the need. Whether invisible or right in front of us, we meet everyone where they are.

As a food bank, we collect food and deliver it to food pantries. Our partner food pantries — located in cities, towns, and neighborhoods across the region — provide it directly to neighbors in need.

We use our voice to help. With relentless hearts and a strong voice, we work hard to make things better than before.

In our advocacy for those experiencing food insecurity, we strive to address the root causes of hunger, raise awareness about food insecurity issues, and champion policy changes that improve access to nutritious food for all.

We are a community that builds community. We work together to get the job done and to transform lives.

We are a member of Feeding Kentucky and Feeding America — state- and nation-wide networks of food banks, food pantries and community-based organizations dedicated to ending hunger.

Mim Hunt, the founder of God’s Pantry Food Bank, vowed to leave “the heartbreaking profession of social work” behind when she returned to her hometown of Lexington after serving as a child welfare worker in 1940’s New York City. She and her husband, Robert, opened “Mim’s,” a combination gift shop, antique gallery, and health food store, but after seeing poverty in Lexington that rivaled what she’d fought against in New York, she found herself unable to remain silent.

Mim began her work in Lexington by filling her station wagon with food, clothing, and bedding, and distributing it directly to individuals in need.

Soon, neighbors were bringing food donations to what became known as “Mim’s Pantry” located at her home on Lexington’s Parkers Mill Road. But Mim quickly corrected them. “I don’t fill these shelves,” she said. “God does. This is God’s Pantry.” God’s Pantry Food Bank was born out of this work in 1955 and remained mobile until the first pantry was opened in 1959.

Since its founding, the food bank has grown in many ways. What started with one woman attempting to do what she could to address a need is now an organization serving 50 counties in Central and Eastern Kentucky through a number of programs with a dedicated staff committed to the mission of solving hunger.

Mim Hunt devoted her life to helping others, and we continue to honor her legacy at God’s Pantry Food Bank. Her work is proof that one person, with every small action, can make a large impact. We invite you to join us in continuing Mim’s work.

We’re a dedicated team of leaders. While we each have our own focus, we’re united by our mission and vision.

Our mission

Reducing hunger by working together to feed Kentucky communities.

Our vision

A nourished life for every Kentuckian.

Mike Halligan
Chief Executive Officer
Danielle Bozarth
Vice President, Mission Delivery
Karen Griffin
Development Director
Stan Meer
Transportation & Logistics Director
Rodney Murphy
Warehousing & Fulfillment Director
David Norman
Anna M. Russell
Employee & Community Engagement Director

Board of directors

Dr. Andy Henderson
Retired, Lexington Clinic
Paul B. Mulhollem
First Vice President
Clairebrook Farms
Melissa A. Wilson
Second Vice President
Melissa A. Wilson, Esq., PLLC
Dr. Gregory W. Kasten
Retired, United Trust Company
Nancy Barnett
Debbie Beidleman
Retired, Lexmark, St. Luke Church
Kelly Bozeman
University of Kentucky
Jim R. Coleman
Coleman Crest Farms
Bethany Denning
People Pinnacle
Colmon Elridge, III
Kentucky Education Association
Catherine Hines
University of Kentucky
Dr. Phillip Hoffman
Retired, Baptist Internal Medicine
Sarah Jefferson
Traditional Bank
Steve Jennings
Retired, Partner, Crowe LLP
Marty Lautner
Hollie Harris Phillips
Amy Samples
Elden Renewables
Kevin Smith
Young Professional of East Kentucky
Sharon Saladin
Retired Sr. VP & HR Officer, Lexmark

Southeast Regional Advisory Board

Kevin Smith
Young Professionals of East Kentucky
Marcus Kuhl
Vice Chair
Sallie Davidson Realtors
Katie Dotson
Jackson Energy
Sherry Black
Meghann Gaunt Chestnut
Baptist Health Corbin
Lora Davidson
Harlan County Cooperative Extension Service
Jane Winkler Dyche
Dyche Law Office
Vicky Greenwell
Minks Lawn Service
Mollie Harris
CHI Saint Joseph London
Rodney Kuhl
South Central SBDC
Sarah Osborne
Hayes Lewis/Mountain View Elementary

Our community partners