Water Relief for Martin County

Thank you for your interest in the water relief efforts in Martin County. In total, we received more than $38,000 to help the residents of Martin County during this crisis through the fund drive initiated by Kentucky Sports Radio.

As of April 20, God’s Pantry Food Bank and Facing Hunger Foodbank have distributed 233 pallets, or 484,271 pounds, of water to the county. They have been delivered to local food pantries and fire stations for residents to pick up and there have been direct distributions where residents were able to get gallons of water right off the God’s Pantry Food Bank truck. Three of the first truckloads were acquired through the Food Bank’s relationship with Feeding America, and since then we have been purchasing water to supplement what was donated. Every Friday for the foreseeable future there will be a truck scheduled to deliver pallets of water to the area.

On behalf of God’s Pantry Food Bank and Facing Hunger Foodbank, we would like to thank you for joining us in providing water to the residents of Martin County in their time of need.