Partner Agency: Access Soup Kitchen

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Recently Andrew Baker, Executive Director of Access Soup Kitchen in Frankfort, wrote a blog post highlighting the collaboration between his organization, the Food Bank and Kroger to feed his clients fresh food! We thought it was too good not to share:

BLTs for the homeless. God’s Pantry, local farmers, and lettuce from Kentucky State University Aquaponics Program

 Bibb Lettuce from KSU Aquaponics Program
I received a call today from a woman named Janel from Kentucky State University.  She told me that Will told her that we may want some lettuce.  Will is a student at KSU.  Will is also our I.T. guy at the Soup Kitchen.  He only works at the Soup Kitchen when I need him, but he has a regular job too.  His dad is the Dean of the Aquaculture Program at KSU.  Janel told me that they had 100 heads of lettuce at the University that they’d like to donate to us.  She said it was just taken out of the water yesterday, and would need to be cleaned before we ate it.
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