National Nutrition Month

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God’s Pantry Food Bank wishes you a Happy National Nutrition Month! One of the benefits of having a Registered Dietitian on staff is that we are able to host Dietetic Interns from local universities like the University of Kentucky and Eastern Kentucky University. These Dietetic Interns are able to provide both Food Bank staff and clients with additional nutrition guidance. It also allows interns, as future nutrition professionals, to work around the issues of food insecurity, which may not be something they learn in the classroom.

Our Spring 2016 UK Intern, Jordan, provided a staff lunch and learn presentation on “Healthy Substitutions for Cooking and Baking” where Food Bank staff members were able to sample healthier options, like avocado as a substitute for butter on toast.

She was also instrumental in planning and providing cooking courses for Leestown Middle School students as an outreach of our School Pantry Program. Any Leestown Middle student can visit the School Pantry with a referral from a teacher or staff member, and they receive around a week’s worth of groceries. The cooking classes were offered in addition to this program to show students how they could use items in the pantry to create a meal for themselves or their family.

Jordan found a recipe for a creative pizza crafted out of a whole wheat pita shell for a portion-controlled and delicious meal. Each student was able to create their own personal pizza with toppings they enjoyed, including a variety of veggies. This oven-baked pizza was served with steamed vegetables made in the microwave to show students how easy it can be to cook dinner quickly while still having healthful options.

Cooking Class Leestown Middle Spring 2016 Plate of Pizza 2

There were also recipes from the cookbook, “Good and Cheap”, a recipe guide that shows meals that equal up to less than $4 per day (check it out-there’s a free PDF available online). Students at the most recent class went home with a paper copy of this cookbook thanks to a donation we received.

These are just a few of the projects that we are working on with the help of Dietetic Interns and students. Check our social media pages for more updates and pictures!

For more information on how to support our mission at God’s Pantry Food Bank, visit our donation page here.