About Map the Meal Gap

Together, federal nutrition programs and the emergency food system weave a comprehensive nutrition safety net reaching food insecure individuals at different income levels and in different settings. Child nutrition programs, in particular, play a critical role in providing quality nutritious meals to millions of children every day for free or at a reduced cost. So in addition to developing overall food insecurity estimates for every county and congressional district, Map the Meal Gap also estimates child food insecurity rates in every county and congressional district in every state in the United States. As with counties, it is important to note that no congressional district is free of food insecurity. It is our hope that everyone including, partner agencies, policy makers, business leaders, community activists and concerned citizens will use this information to fully engage in the fight against hunger with God’s Pantry Food Bank and Feeding America.

How We Got Data the Map Data:

Map the Meal Gap generates two types of community-level data:

  1. County-level food insecurity and child food insecurity estimates by income categories and
  2. An estimate of the food budget shortfall that food insecure individuals report they experience.



View PDFs  – historical Map the Meal Gap Data:

Feeding America Network: 2013 Map the Meal Gap Executive Summary for Overall & Child Food Insecurity

2013 Map the Meal Gap data for the state of Kentucky: Overall Population Food Insecurity by County & Congressional DistrictChild Food Insecurity by County & Congressional District

God’s Pantry Food Bank Service Area:  View and download charts with complete food insecurity data by county & congressional district for God’s Pantry Food Bank service area. All reports are PDF files.

2013 Overall Population Food Insecurity: Data by County & Congressional District | Child Food Insecurity by County

2012 Food Insecurity Data: Overall Population by County | Child Food Insecurity by County

2011 Food Insecurity Data: Overall Population by CountyChild Food Insecurity by County

2010 Food Insecurity Data: Overall Population by CountyChild Food Insecurity by County