The Sharing Thanksgiving Program provides approximately 4,400 Thanksgiving food boxes to families residing in Fayette County. With the assistance of social service agencies in Lexington, we will reach more low-income households in desperate need of food during the Thanksgiving holiday this year.

***Sharing Thanksgiving has been completed for 2016, please check back in July 2017 for more information  Thank you***

To participate in the program, your agency must be an active referring agency for God’s Pantry Food Bank in Fayette County.  If you have questions on how you can receive a Thanksgiving food box, or you are an agency with question about the Sharing Thanksgiving Program, please contact Mary Alice Daniels:


  • To sign up to participate in the Basket Brigade Event (building of Thanksgiving food boxes as a paid fundraising participant) please contact Susie Basham:
  • To Share Thanksgiving with a Fayette County family in need, click here to make a donation.