Kids Cafe programs provide free meals and snacks to low-income children through a variety of existing community locations where children congregate, such as Boys and Girls Clubs, churches or public schools. In addition to providing meals to hungry kids, all Kids Cafe programs also offer a safe place, where under the supervision of trustworthy staff, a child can get involved in educational, recreational and social activities that draw on existing community programs and often include family members.

Current Kids Cafe (Fayette County)

7th Street Community Center (530 North MLK Blvd.)
Supper Monday-Friday 5:00-5:30 PM.

St. Luke United Methodist Church (2351 Alumni Dr.)
Supper Tuesdays 3:30-5:00 PM.  Starts September 13.

Consolidated Baptist Church (1625 Russell Cave Rd.)
Supper Wednesdays 5:00-5:30 PM and 7:00-7:30 PM.  Starts September 7.

Embrace United Methodist Church (1015 North Limestone St.)
Supper Monday-Thursday 3:00-3:30 PM and 4:15-4:45 PM.  Starts back September 6.

Village Branch Library (2185 Versailles Rd.)
Snacks Monday-Thursday 3:30-4:30 PM.

Northside Branch Library (1733 Russell Cave Road; Lexington, KY)
Snacks Monday-Thursday 3:30-4:30 PM.  Starts September 19.

Current Kids Cafe (Non-Fayette County)

Owsley County Public Library
Snacks Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday from 3:30 PM-4:30 PM and Snacks Thursday 3:30-6:30 PM.

My Church of Georgetown (701 Slone Rd.)
Snack Wednesdays 6:30-7:30 PM and Sundays Snack 10:00-11:00 AM.

Flemingsburg Assembly of God (271 Mount Sterling Ave.)
Supper Wednesdays 4:30-5:30 PM and Breakfast Sundays 9:15-9:45 AM.


The Mission of our Kids Cafe Program is: To provide meals to children at risk of hunger, in an environment that is safe, friendly and within their own neighborhood.

Why Kids Cafe?

  • The reality is that hunger affects children in ways that impact them for the rest of their lives.
  • Hunger impairs a child’s ability to concentrate, study and learn. Children who attend school without proper nutrition perform significantly below their peers and have more school absences due to illness.
  • Hunger limits a child’s growth emotionally, physically and mentally during the most important years of development. Despite federally funded programs, too many children are falling through the cracks, especially during the evening hours. Kids Cafe is a collaborative effort designed to provide children with the nutritious meals they so desperately need and deserve. Kids Cafe often provides children with more than just food, offering them emotional nourishment critical to healthy development, improving their self-image and enhancing their ability to learn.


  • For more information on our Kids Cafe programs, please contact Katie Landon at 859-288-5316.
  • To volunteer at a kids cafe location in Lexington, please click here.