Hunger in Fayette County 2016 Puts a Face to the Issue of Hunger in Lexington

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Did you know:

  • 30 percent of all those served from the Fayette County Pantry are children
  • 20 percent of adults needing assistance are working full or part time
  • It takes more than 146,000 pounds of food to stock our four Lexington pantries for one month
  • 50 percent of parents needing assistance skipped meals so that their children could eat and 1 out of 6 reported skipping meals daily

These are just a few of the facts shared within the Hunger in Fayette County 2016 Special Report which was released by God’s Pantry Food Bank on Thursday, May 26th.

The typical person seeking assistance at a pantry is female in her 50’s living alone. She may have finished high school but is currently, most likely unemployed. She rents her home and doesn’t own a car; she must walk, ride a bus or arrange for a ride to the pantry with family or friends. Find out more in the report below.