House of Representatives Passes Charitable Tax Incentives

House of Representatives Passes Charitable Tax Incentives

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The House of Representatives passed H.R. 644, the America Gives More Act of 2015, by a vote of 279-137 on February 12, 2015​. The legislation expands and makes permanent three expired charitable tax incentives, including our food donation tax deduction.  H.R. 644 was introduced February 2 by Representative Tom Reed (R-NY).​

We are thrilled that this important legislation was passed by the House of Representatives, but disappointed that House Democrats chose to oppose the bill for a third time. Many of the arguements used by House Democrats and the White House in explaining their opposition to the legislation focus on the fact that the bill is not paid for. Yet similar legislation to renew a large group of expired tax extenders in December 2014 was not paid for either. In a year when true bipartisan legislative opportunities are limited, we hope that as H.R. 644 moves forward in the Senate that both Republicans and Democrats can come together in support of the legislation.

This is an important legislative priority for our network, and we know that we would not have the support needed if not for your calls and emails to your Members of Congress. Take that as proof that your messaging and advocacy on the merits of this legislation is making a difference. Not one Member of Congress today spoke in opposition of the policies to expand and improve food donation tax incentives.

If you took action as part of our recent advocacy action alert sent out through email, our website and our social media accounts, thank you.  If you weren’t included on this recent action but you’d like to be an advocate for the Food Bank in the future, please email