Honor & Celebration Gifts: July 2017 – December 2017


Adam and Davis Meyer

Mr. and Mrs. Seth Salomon

Andy Romero

Mr. David A. Romero

Barbara and Blake Mitchell

Mr. Darrell Mitchell

Big Ed

Ms. Karen B. Hill

Billy Gillespie

Ms.  Caroline E. Vogele

Bob Quisenberry

Ms. Lisa Quisenberry

Christina Igelmo

Ms. Glenna B. Hamilton

Brenda and David Cox, Steve Pieratt, and Patsy and Bruce Pieratt

Group Six, Inc.

CCC Volunteers

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Lucas

Cheryl Vicini

Mr. and Mrs. Tommy Holbrook


Mrs. Barbara Ridenour

Connie Broomhill

Ms. Ruthann Combs

Curt Troutwine

Ms. Betty S. Troutwine

Dan, Nicole, Carte, and Lorelei Zaluski

Mr. and Mrs. Keith Fortner

Debbie, Angie, Shannon, Shane, and Mark for Boss’s Day

Mr. and Mrs. Marvin C. Howard

Diana Carey

Mr. and Mrs. Tommy Holbrook

Donna and John Hall

Mr. and Mrs. Thornton Scott

Dorothy and Bob Zuck

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wiebke

Fon and Mac Rogers

Dr. and Mrs. William R. Plaster, DDS

Father Brian Cole of Good Shepherd Episcopal Church

Ms. Amy Dougherty

Fran Sample

Mr. and Mrs. Alan D. Friedheim

Jack Fish

Dr. and Mrs. Hugh T. Spencer


Mr. D. Newcomb

Hillary Stephens

Mr. and Mrs. Tommy Holbrook

Jeanne Brewer/Downing

Ms. Anne H. Atchison

Jim and Ruth Coy

Mr. and Mrs. John C. Sparrow

Joe and Ann Schum

Ms. Barbara J. Tomecek

Joe Moore

Dr. and Mrs. Elsworth C. Seeley

John S. Thomas

Ms. Barbara Thomas

Karen Hinkle

Mrs. Elizabeth Hastle

Lara Gahafer

Mr. and Mrs. William Cooper

Mary Waugh

Dr. Russell H. Waugh

Melinda Vanover

Mr. and Mrs. Tommy Holbrook

Michael Halligan

Ms. Danielle Bozarth and Mr. Tom Bozarth

Mr. and Mrs. Bart Jones

Ms. Genevieve Clark

Paula Thomason

Ms. Sonya L. Anderson

Phyllis Hanna

Mr. Bill Hanna

Ray and Marisa White

Ms. Barbara White

Rebecca Wallace

Ms. Rachel Smith Childress

Robert and Connie Dotson

Ms. and Dr. Linda S. Gill

Ruth Beemas

Ms. Heather Leishmann

Scott and Angie Irwin

Mrs. Bonnie Sutter

Sharon Hardin

Mr. and Mrs. Neil E. Smith

Terry Royster

Mr. and Mrs. Clarence G. Steele

The children of Jacquelyn Robinson: Phil, Steve, and Patti

Ms. Jacquelyn Robinson

The Troiani’s Party of 5

Ms. Lucy Parrish

V.V. Leake

Ms. Lucy Parrish

Wayne and Myrna Wesley

Mr. and Mrs. Gerard A. Ruddy

Your generosity

Mr. James McClintock

Zachary and Matthew

Ms. Carol Fening

Zina Merkin

Ms. Karen Goodlet


Memorial Gifts: July 2017 – December 2017

Albert McKibbin

Ms. Susan M. Rose

Alice Yount

Ms. Cathy Brumback

Alicia Irwin

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Lambirth

Alyce Marie Schroering

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Stephan

Amber Labbe

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Gainard

Andy Byrd

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas K. Byrd

Anthony and Nat Overbey

Ms. Mary E. O’Brien

Arley Jackson Woods

Ms. Jeanette R. Woods

Betty Ann Noe Keiser

Dr. Harwell F. Smith, III

Betty Arnett

Ms. Baxanna McClure

Betty Jackson

Mr. and Mrs. Mark S. Jackson

Betty Thornton

Mr. Donald Thornton

Betty Wheeler

Mr. and Mrs. Larry Matherly

Bill Adams

Mr. Donald Follensbee

Bob Sullivan

Lantern Hill Farm, LLC

Bonnie Hall

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel R. Reedy

Carolyn Pennington

Mr. James Cossa

Clarence Dickerson

Mr. and Mrs. Larry Wiley

Cora Carrick

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald D. Shrout
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry L. Hooper
Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Mitchell, Jr.
Ms. Nancy L. Bishop
Mr. John W. McCord, Jr.
Mr. Stephen F. Millard
Mr. Frank Kovacs
Ms. Ann L. Zimmer
Dr. and Mrs. John Mink
Farmers Feed Mill, Inc.

Deb Price

Mr. Mark L. Price

Debra Napier

Mr. Donald Napier

Dennis and Pelma Dixon

Ms. Peggy D. Crosbie

Dorris Driesbach

Mr. Bailey S. Kurtz, Jr.

Douglass Isaacs

Ms. Edith A. Isaacs

Dr. William Lockridge

Mrs. Georgia D. Lockridge

Duane Henderson

Mrs. Betty J. Henderson

Ed Stepp Family

Ms. Tanya S. Givens

Edward Fleming and Virginia Shearer

Ms. Coleen Kilgore

Elizabeth Kopitzke

Dr. and Mrs. Douglas Damm

Elizabeth Lewis

Mr. Marvin Lewis

Eric Brunker

Mrs. Charmayne R. Brunker
Mr. and Mrs. Eric W. Brunker

Ester Balke

Mr. Merlin Balke

Evelyn Cornish

Mr. and Mrs. William W. Thomason, Jr.
Ms. Patricia R. Webb

Fred Orthmeyer

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Assmar

Freida Marlow

Ms. and Mr. Freida Marlow

Gene Hodge

Mrs. Roberta Hodge

Gene Maupin

Ms. Judy H. Hiler
Mrs. Jane C. Ray
Mr. W.L. Woodward
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy L. Overman
Mr. Steven W. Ungerbuehler
Ms. E. Imogene Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Leon Smothers
River of Life Minestries
Mr. and Mrs.  Donald L. Colliver
Mr. and Mrs. David Schonke
Broadway Christian Church
Dr. and Mrs. Timothy Scott

Geraldine A. Williams

Ms. Sharon K. Williams

Golda Watkins


Gordon Grant

Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Parker

Harold and Margaret Brabon

Dr. David Brabon

Harold L. Wilson, Sr.

Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Parker
Mr. and Mrs. Henry M. Chapman

Hayden King

Mr. and Mrs. Todd Maupin

Helen Estep

Ms. Bessie Estep

Helen Sakkinen

Mr. Dennis Sakkinen

Helen Schutt

Ms. Yvonne Shutt

Becky Collins

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Quiggins

Mary and Claude Singleton

Computer Training Solutions

Irene Karr

Ms. Willa Farmer

Irwin “Uncle Buzz” Bussel

Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. Kratzer, III

Ishrat Jehan

Marymount Medical Staff

James Beidleman

Mrs. James Wheeler
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Rotramel
Col. and Mrs. Richard E. Allenbaugh
Mr. and Mrs. David C. Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Hahn
Mr. Russell Brown and Ms. Kathy A. Loeb
Ms. Susan A. Pearson
Ms. Doris A. Thornton
Mr. and Mrs. Randy Giacometti
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Dennison
Ms. Rebecca H. Ramsey
Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Ward
Dr. Michael R. Nichols
Mr. and Mrs. James G. Houghland, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Paul M. Eakin
Ms. Barbara Kemp
Mr. and Mr’s James H. Wells
Ms. Lois K. Lester
Mr. and Mrs. Ben C. Brewster
Mr. Raymond H. Cox
Ms. Linda A. Owens
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Barras
Mr. and Mrs. Wally Holloway
Mr. and Mrs. Fredrick R. Jackson
Mr. Mark Biedleman
Mr. David Ryno
Ms. Kim Boyd
The Stitch Niche

James Craig Foster

Ms. Marcia J. Foster

James G. Mattingly

Mr. Richard A. Mattingly

Jamie Davis

Mr. and Mrs. Chris Roseland

JD Hamilton

Mr. and Mrs. James C. Donnell
Ms. Ramona Woolums

Jeffrey Billon

Ms. Patricia S. Billon
Ms. Pryntha A. Hardenbergh

Jennifer Price Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Kolles

Joe Scott

Mr. and Mrs. Harry L Dadds

Joe Wasko

Ms. Marcia A. Corso

John V. Hufford, III

Mrs. Phyllis Hufford

Johnny Campbell

Dr. and Mrs. Robert Downing

Joyce Vogel

Ms. Lois Vogel

Larry Jackson

Ms. Cheryl Jackson

Lawrence Flynn

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Reed

Leonard V, Packett

Mrs. Denise Rennekamp

Lewis W. Traugott

Ms. Gladys L. Traugott

Lorene Purvis

Ms. Betty B. Detwiler

Louis Todora

Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Knapp
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Chambers

Louise K. Ross

Ms. Margot Ross

Margaret M. Fisher

Mr. John C. Fisher

Margie Phillips

Ms. Linda M. Poore

Marie Coleman

Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Grot
Mr. Carlo B. Coleman

Marilee Wardle

Mrs. Deloris Brooks

Mary Alice Pratt

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Kryscio

Mary and Beatrice Ennis

Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Ennis

Mary E. Hinkle

Mr. Elizie L. Hinkle

Mary Evelyn Moffett

Society of Urologic Nurses and Associates

Mary Weamcer

Ms. Francis R. Pessin

Matthew Meneghetti

Mr. Gregory Turcotte

Melissa Kniffey

Ms. Annie K. Short

Mrs. Joy Hammes

Mr. and Mrs. Allen Scaife

Nancy Victor

Mr. G. David McWhorter

Noreen Howard Flora

Ms. Josephine Daugherty
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Everhard
Mr. Craig Dance and Ms. Elizabeth M. Wright
Ms. and Mr. Carol Scordo
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Baumgardner
Mr. and Mrs. William M. McCord, III

Patrick E. Madden

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Fitzgerald

Pete and Barbara Stafford

Mrs. Marion S. Williams

Phil Sherman

Victory Christian Church

Randolf Scott

Mr. James Tackett
Mr. David A. McCord

Ray Parsons

Mr. and Mrs. Billy L. Guy

Robert Dickinson

Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Dickinson, Sr.

Roberta Edwards

Mr. Joey Edwards

Ronald J. Osborne

Ms. Janice Godlaski
Mr. Charles J. Fleming
Mr. and Mrs. Marcus M. McKinney
Kinkead & Stilz
Ms. Lois Esham
Ms. Joann Thoman

Ruby Bond

Mr. Paul Bond, Sr.

Sally Bentley

Mr. Denzil Bentley

Sharon Buchenroth

Mr. Max F. Buchenroth

Sonny Osborne

Mr. John R. Osborne

Steve Lewis

Ms. Janet Lewis

Steve Silcox

Ms. Tine LePere

Steve Simmons

Mr. and Mrs. Bobby W. Simmons

Sue Fanauff

Mr. Clyde E. Faneuff, Jr.

Summer Blair

Mrs. Lara V. Gahafer

Terry Kay Hafley

Mr. Terry Hafley

Thelma E. Goold

Mr. William C. Goold

Tim Bakay, II

Ms. Sara Bakay

Vera Brock

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Federico

Walter Foreman

Ms. Anita Broomall

Sam and Jill Susher

Ms. Anita Broomall

Will Kelly

Mr. and Mrs. William Witt


Mrs. Jeanette Hensley