We receive gifts in honor of birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, in memory of a friend or relative, and for many other personal reasons.

If you are interested in making a honor/memorial donation visit our page here.

In Honor/Celebration/Birthday Donations
(06/01/16 – 09/13/16)

Steve Bennett – Happy Birthday!
Shannon Hamilton

John & Trudy Burkhard
Mr. & Mrs. Rob G. Cadle
Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan Fritts

Maureen Dawson – Happy 86th Birthday!
Nancy Parnell

Janice Fish – Birthday
Ms. Margaret W. Bromley

Marian Guinn
Mr. Tracy Culbertson
Ms. Diana Mahan
Ms. Pat Stallard
Ms. Julia Swords

Jacob Hughes Graves Family
Ms. Ann C. Asbury

Mike Katson
Bluegrass Shade Co., Inc.

Billy King – Happy Birthday!
Linda Howell – Aunt Nina

Bill McAtee – Happy Birthday!
Rev. Marcia Myers

Lisa Satin
Mr. & Mrs. Peter T. Nelson

Kathy Stein
Mr. & Mrs. Al B. Cinson

In Memory Donations (06/01/16 – 09/13/16)

Jack Ames
Deb & Charlie Kratzer

Anne Kathryn Biggerstaff
James Wieland

Brenda Bourne
Ms. Carolyn Kay Conover

Susan Stebbins Collins
Paula Kristofik

Bill Cooper
Ms. Jane M. Leach

Betty Dickey
Ms. Nancy B. Yelton

Henry Dittert
Crista Hollingsworth

Irene Milburn Elam – 6/2/16
Charles Carter
Grace Cox
John Donohew
Irene Downing
Lara Gahafer
Patrick Ganahl
John & Maxine Martin
Jerry & Dawn Stith
The Locker Room
Brenda Travis
Randy & Judy Walker
Charles & Kyleen Ward
Matt Ward & Family

Thirza Ellis – 07/2016
Dennis Bourne
Katie Burkholder
Janet Collins
Mr. & Mrs. Lee A. Edgerton
Peggy Ellis
Richard & Elizabeth Fritz
Ann Hester
John & Kathy Hodgkin
Mike Mullins
Kathy Phelps
Bob & Carolyn Schmitt
Sue & Michael Wood

Thomas W. Giesler
Brad & Julianne Curtis

Karen Hinkle
Edward Votruba

Nancy Hogg
Mr. John Cervenec

Kevin Hogge
Kason Hogge

Cora Belle Cox Holleran – 5/10/16
Jay Aubrey
Wayne & Bution Brantley
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Butcher
Austin Carter
Grace Cox
Tara Czarnecki
The Ganahl Family
Irene E. Downing
Katherine R. Galvin
Mr. & Mrs. Rollie Graves
Maribeth Hambrick
Pam Hardy
Jeffrey Holleran
Don & Charlotte Owens
C. Park
Mr. & Mrs. William L. Renaker
William and Wanda Sprinkle
Jerry & Dawn Stith
Brenda Travis
United Bank & Trust Company
Randy & Judy Walker

Carol M. Johnson
Carlene Hodges
Mr. & Mrs. Mark S. Jackson

Keith Herbert Johnson – 6/1/16
Bill & Ronda Beck
Brian Brockman
Jim & Becky Drahovzal
Lara Gahafer
Bill & Stephanie Gardner
Bedford Johnson
Sherry & Wayne Johnson
Jolly & Sue Landis
Tom & Rita Schrodt
Diane Spaulding

Nancy Pickens
Mary Joe Schenck

Robert Saddler
Michael R. Maharrey

Joseph M. Scott, Jr.
Glenda S. Caulder

Kathleen Hargis Thompson
Paula Thomason

Our donors can honor a friend or relative with a gift of any size and the honorees will receive a handwritten card acknowledging the gift. Donors can also memorialize the passing of a loved one with a gift and we will send their survivors a card and post the gift in this area.

We make every effort to make this list accurate, but if you see a mistake or have a question, please contact Amanda Black at [email protected]  or by phone at (859) 288-5335.
If you are interested in making a honor/memorial donation visit our page here.