Guest Blog Post – Melissa Omohundro, Registered Dietitian

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We have asked our board members to write guest blog posts about why they fight hunger and how they see hunger affecting their community, work and clients.

As a dietitian working with hemodialysis patients, I see many people daily that are malnourished or at risk.  For a person with End Stage Renal Disease, several factors can contribute to this diagnosis.  These include reduced intake as a result of physical condition, inflammation within their bodies and often lack of resources to obtain food on a low income provided by disability.  Many of the men and women on hemodialysis would love to work to earn an income, but are unable to with the stresses of coming to 4 hour treatments 3 days a week and the toll it takes on their bodies.

God’s Pantry Food Bank has been a life-saver for many of the people I work with on a weekly basis.  They feel like it is a “spring in the middle of the desert” when they do not have enough food to get them through until the following month.   I have heard nothing but good news coming as result of their visits, including great reviews about the grocery-store setup and the friendly volunteers.

Sharing Thanksgiving also touches a large number of the families with a loved one on dialysis.  This type of giving brings hope to their homes during the holiday season when they need it the most.   One person said “I just can’t believe all that I got for Thanksgiving…the turkey was big enough to have left-overs and we even got dessert!”

For some folks who don’t battle with hunger, it is hard to imagine not knowing where your next meal is coming from.  God’s Pantry Food Bank helps to eliminate this question in the minds of the hungry, supplementing the food they are able to afford with “extras” that they greatly appreciate.

Melissa Omohundro, Registered Dietitian
Fresenius Medical Care, Lexington, KY
God’s Pantry Food Bank Board Member