God’s Pantry Food Bank Increases Food Distribution to Fayette County Residents

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LEXINGTON, KY – Effective Monday, February 27th the Fayette County Pantry Program, operated by God’s Pantry Food Bank, is offering once a month distributions of all available product to Fayette County residents in need of food. This is an increase from the previous four times in six months for general pantry food distributions. All operating hours and procedures for the four pantries, including the need for a referral, will remain otherwise unchanged.

Why this change? While God’s Pantry Food Bank distributes food to 50 counties of the state, low income residents of Fayette County still experience great need and we are in a position to respond. Mim Hunt began this work 62 years ago, and it is in her legacy that we feed Fayette County residents in need.

“While we are proud of the work we do across our entire service area, we cannot neglect those in our own back yard,” said Mike Halligan, CEO of God’s Pantry Food Bank. “Increasing to once a month distribution will provide more meals in Fayette County to our neighbors with the most acute need.”

For more information on this increase please contact Danielle Bozarth at 859-288-5326.