God’s Pantry Food Bank 2015 Milestones

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2015 was a great year around God’s Pantry Food Bank and we have a lot to celebrate. Thank you for helping us accomplish these milestones…Together We Can Solve Hunger.

  • Celebrated 60th Anniversary of feeding families in Central Kentucky and beyondwe started as a small pantry serving Fayette County and have grown to become the largest food bank in the state, serving 50 counties of Central and Eastern Kentucky.
  • Opened Morehead Regional Distribution Center – the final piece of the capital expansion project creating greater access to food in our service area.
  • Celebrated a successful close to the Come to the Table campaign and our expansion initiativesthe five-year campaign allowed us to increase refrigeration more than 5-fold, add new regional distribution centers in London and Morehead, open a second warehouse in Winchester, create dedicated volunteer and community space in our Lexington facility, and put our first tractor trailer on the road (now we have two).
  • Prestigious AIB food safety certification achieved in all 5 warehouses – the AIB (American Institute of Bakers) is a highly regarded standard of food safety in the country. We successfully passed the AIB audit in all five warehouses, ensuring that the food we distribute is safe.
  • Distributed a record 23 million meals – While 27+ million pounds of food distributed is impressive, most of us can better understand what a meal looks like. 23 million meals do more than just fill tummies – they provide hope, lessen worry, and illustrate humanity.
  • Launched first school pantries at Bryan Station High School and Leestown Middle School in Lexington – this is new territory for us, but we continually strive to find ways to meet people where they are. It is unfortunate how many children in our state suffer from food insecurity, but being able to provide food as close as their own school is a wonderful way to feed entire families.
  • Record store donation pounds received: nearly 6 million pounds From Walmart, Kroger, and other retail food outlets – when the recession started, it was the store donation program that helped keep our warehouses filled. The Retail Store Donation program continues to grow as we strengthen relationships with more than 100 retail outlets in our 50 counties. This keeps perfectly edible, healthy food from going to waste, and Kentucky families from going hungry.
  • In 73 days, provided more than 23,000 meals and snacks for kids in summer feeding programs in 10 counties You’ve heard it before – when school is out kids who rely on free and reduced school meals often have to go without. We’re trying to change that statistic by partnering with the Department of Education to offer meals and snacks at neighborhood sites throughout the entire summer, ensuring that kids don’t go hungry during the summer break.
  • Served 9,600 seniors through CSFP program – this USDA program provides supplemental food to enrolled seniors each month. We partner with agencies in each of our 50 counties to distribute this vital food to help fill in the gaps so that seniors don’t have to go hungry. (CSFP stands for Commodity Supplemental Food Program)
  • Fayette County public and private school students provide 64,000 pounds of food for Lexington Pantries through the Kids Can Hunger Food Drive – competition is fierce among schools trying to bring in the most food to support the Fayette County Pantry Program. This is a beautiful example of kids helping other kids.