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Marian Guinn, God’s Pantry Food Bank CEO, was recently honored with the Communicator of the Year Award by the Thoroughbred Chapter of the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA). Marian was celebrated at PRSA’s awards luncheon on April 19, 2016.

With this award, Marian joins the ranks of other great Central Kentucky leaders, innovators, and educators such as Gov. Steve Beshear, Stu Silberman, Ben and Becca Self, and Crit Luallen. All are fine examples of how to lead an organization, a community, and a state through effective communication.

Those of us who work for and alongside Marian Guinn are not surprised by this accolade, as we have had the privilege of learning from her, being mentored by her, and doing all we can to fight hunger in Kentucky. Marian leads by example, illustrating the role that good communication plays in her ability to effectively share her message.

We are proud of Marian and her accomplishments, but mostly for her passion for feeding our most vulnerable citizens. Here are a few words from her acceptance speech:

“Communication is critical to our ability to connect with individuals in need, volunteers, community leaders, donors and our staff.

“I am continually working to refine and improve my skills. As I think about the communication skills of great leaders…I see the following:
• Great leaders communicate the truth—always—even when it is hard!
• Great leaders think dialogue, not monologue; and willingly engage in dialogue with those who offer respectful challenge.
• Great leaders cut to the chase and are specific.
• Great leaders are great listeners, skilled at reading mood, dynamics, attitude and values, and they are not afraid of silence.
• Great leaders replace ego with empathy, recognizing that to effectively communicate you have to meet the needs and expectations of those you are communicating with.
“Again, I thank you – I am blessed to work, and have worked, for organizations that I feel very passionate about.”

Congratulations to Marian Guinn, 2016 Communicator of the Year!